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So I’ve this secret fudge recipe on a scrap of printed paper from 12/9/99. It was a printout that I’ve held on to dearly.

Making fudge each Christmas has turn out to be “my factor”. Folks await it, beg for it, and demand the key recipe. It was all the time my particular factor, so I by no means divulged it. Giving them my well-known fudge, ready-made was my present.  I’d experiment each Christmas making totally different flavors and including totally different substances to the bottom recipe.

Someplace alongside the best way, I ended making it, I had misplaced the recipe, I searched on-line and couldn’t discover something related.  Then this week, I discovered the recipe pushed to the again of my cabinet. I made a decision to google it once more to see if there was an alternative to the marshmallows as I might solely discover combined luggage of Vanilla and Raspberry ones.

Right here is my scrap of paper, 21 years previous with my hand scribble for Australian provides, word the 90cents for a bag for marshmallows, now promoting for $2-4 relying on the model.    At $4 a bag I didn’t wish to lose 1/2 of them to raspberry ones, I couldn’t use.  (until making raspberry fudge after all)

Anyhow to chop an extended story quick it seems this recipe is carnations very quite common recipe!! all these years I’ve been hanging on to it, like treasure and now because of modern-day web it’s actually all over the place.  So technically it’s not my secret recipe anymore, or possibly only a secret that that is the recipe I exploit.

Right here is the unique classic recipe commercial for Can’t fail fudge.

Right here is the recipe is written out

4 cups of mini vanilla marshmallows

=  or 150g chopped

2/3 cup of evaporated milk

1/4 cup of butter

1 1/2 cups of sugar

1/4 ts salt

12 ox of Semi candy chocolate chips

or a 375g household block minus 1 row (this row all the time falls into my mouth)

1 ts vanilla extract

1/2 cup of nuts chopped

Variations, add 1/2 cup of anything dry,  raisins, coconut, and many others  I’ve added 2tbs of alcohol with no points for a boozy fudge.

some variations are

rum and raisian fudge,

White chocolate chips for a White fudge, add cranberries

or cherries for a festive style.

White chocolate and peppermint essence for peppermint fudge.

Oreo fudge, white chocolate and crushed biscuits stirred by

Have enjoyable and mess around with flavour combos



Want to look at the recipe? here’s a video displaying you the right way to make excellent fudge on a regular basis and not using a sweet thermometer


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