cable modem router – Motorola SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem Router Comcast Xfinity COX for $31.95

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cable modem router – Motorola SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem Router Comcast Xfinity COX for $31.95
cable modem router – Motorola SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem Router Comcast Xfinity COX for $31.95


  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi Cable Modem Router+ Voice (24×8) AC1900 DOCSIS 3.0 | For Xfinity Internet and Voice services (C7100V-1AZNAS). I am not really rating the AC1900. I purchased this modem/router/phone to replace my Comcast unit I had been renting for 3 years at $11/mth. I received the Netgear AC1900 follow all set up instructions….call Comcast tech support…only to find out the unit was showing up on a customers account and could not be activate. Shame on you Amazon for selling me a used device as a new one and at new retail pricing. The next day I bought the same unit for $20 more…went through the same setup and it worked fine…my Wifi download speeds are double what they were with the Comcast Unit. The unit is great….paying for a used unit at NEW retail pricing is bad business and I could not activate it.!!! Will look at other options than Amazon when buying items now!

  2. Modems and routers should be easy, plug them in, follow some prompts, and set up your wifi names. These days, most companies make a product that is user friendly and once they are set up, they run forever.I bought this model because I switched to Xfinity and I did not want to rent a modem and router from them. It worked great from March of 2018 until November of 2018. And then they did a firmware update. Xfinity went above and beyond to try and help me figure out why my internet kept goint down. It went down four, five, eight times a day. When it came back up, I still could not get to the internet. They pointed me to a firmware update and then I knew what I had to do.I called Netgear for support. Guess what? They install software on your modem that turns it into a brick and then they tell you that there is only 90 days to technical support. 90 days. 90. When the modem reboots, and this is why I kept losing internet service, the modem goes back to the point it was at when it came out of the box. This means you have to go in and change the wifi names again, change the passwords, and then your internet will work for an hour or two. You also have to go put in the password for the network you set up on all your devices because things have changed.I will never, ever buy another Netgear product again. Ever.

  3. I recently have been researching ways to strengthen the WiFi throughout my house. I had a few dead zones along with weaker connections upstairs (two story house). I also installed security cameras outside and while they did connect to the current WiFi, it needed a boost. To my surprise, Eero/Amazon released this and for the price point, I was sold. Don’t get me wrong, I research and test products, and gladly will return if needed. Set up was quick, and easy. The app is great, easy to navigate, and the instructions were simple, not much to it. I was able to connect all my devices and was up and running within 30 minutes. I have had no issues so far (been two days now). Signal seems to be better, not perfect, in my previous troubled spots, but it’s certainly better than it was. I did have some questions for Eero and they answered me within a day. While one of these bad boys cover most of my house, I think I do need a second one upstairs. My house is over 1500 sq ft but certainly not big enough to require 3 of these routers/extenders. I will test this one for another week, and then purchase the second if I’m still sold.

  4. I was surprised eero finally join the mesh wifi REAL competitiontheir first models (eero) are $499 3 pack. double price compare with google they finally join the competition with google wifi ($199) netgear orbi ($264), tplink ($169) meshforce ($169)By the way this is their first new model after amazon bought the company.But pay VERY BIG attention, this eero router &extender suite is very oldI used 400M Internet, this eero has 2 giga ports, but wireless support only up to 550Mbps (You need to know this is according to the lab test, in real life you cannot get even half)I reserached eero’s previous generation and this one, found that eero hide the detailed wireless specification, that means this router you buy is using 802.11 AC 750 standard. (maximum)IN 2019, you just need to spend 30-40 bucks to buy a AC750 wireless router. But eero sells 100 bucks. 3 pack will spend you $250, this is not the right way.Hide some critical specs means they are cheating most customers because they don’t have enough knowledge on technology.And other apsects you need to consider about this product:1. Its design is ugly2. It has a fair connection quality so you can’t count on it if you own a big house.3. To sign up a eero account you must provide a mobile line, I don’t know why they are collecting my information. (If not, you can’t use their app, can’t install the router.)Despite all negative factors, it’s still an amazon brand, so I hope amazon will be a better thing.

  5. This is a fantastic, very easy to setup wireless router that likely blows the pants off of the router built in to your cable modem or whatever old wifi router you’ve been using for a decade.We used the app to setup profiles (Kid1, kid2, kid3) and entertainment (Apple TV, Roku, Nintendo Switch) and streaming music (Alexa, Google home, Apple HomePod) so its just a couple taps in the app to shut off internet when its time to go to bed, time to do homework etc. Currently we have kid profiles set to turn off at bedtime because, well, its bedtime. Our Eero is so centrally located we’re currently just using one, but if we notice any slowdowns we’ll add a Beacon or another Eero upstairs which, judging by the app, will take about 20 seconds to do.Also, Eero now offers some phishing, spyware, adblocking etc for just a couple dollars a month as a subscription. Knowing what my teenagers are likely doing on the internet (and they won’t take computer security seriously, at all) this is easily worth the money. They also offer content blocking (adult, violence, etc). You can look in the app and instantly see how these things are working — how much spyware or adult content was blocked for example.I’ve used a ton of different routers over the years, including 2 Apple Airport, Ubiquiti, Linksys, Netgear, and plenty of others. Nothing was even in the ballpark as easy to setup or as full of features. And at an amazing price. Unlike some of the Wifi Routers that have a million antenna on them, this is good looking and small. if we need more coverage, we can just add what we need to the house, when we need it.Highly recommend. 5 Stars.(bought my own, not a review unit. Ex network security engineer)

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