router – TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Dual Band Fast Ethernet Router (Archer C50) for $24.97

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CISA aspirant should be aware about layer of OSI at which below devices operate. Hub - Physical Layer (1st Layer)Switch - Data Link Layer (2nd Layer)Bridge - Data Link Layer (2nd Layer)Router - Network Layer (3rd Layer)Gateway-Application Layer (7th Layer)It must be noted that higher the layer,...

router – TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Dual Band Fast Ethernet Router (Archer C50) for $24.97
router – TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Dual Band Fast Ethernet Router (Archer C50) for $24.97


  1. I have Mediacom 200 Mbps service. Setup was fast and easy. Connected to three smart TV’s, two Home Theater Receivers and three desktop PC’s without issue.One PC is wired direct through the LAN port I get 240-255 Mbps. My second PC is at the opposite end of my 1740 sq/ft house from the router and I use a TP-Link Archer T4UH adapter I get 170-180 Mbps download speed. My third PC is only about 25 feet away using a Belkin model F9L1109v1 adapter I get 142-145 Mbps download speed: I also tried a Netgear AC1200 adapter model A6210 that gets about 120 Mbps on this PC.My point is the wireless adapter you use will make a difference. This router is on most top 10 lists for 2018 and cost a lot less than the others on those lists.I am happy with the performance so far. I just hope it lasts longer than the last TP-Link router I purchased.

  2. I’m researching to buy a new modem for my grandmother and returned to this one because I bought one for myself about a year ago for use in my college apartment.I saw a lot of bad reviews and wanted to throw my 2 cents in that this modem worked excellently in my year of use. I didn’t encounter any trouble whatsoever.I’m a tech savy person and play a lot of video games and stream a lot of videos and content at once (some in 4K) and I can say this router did a fine job! It never quit on me and has a very far range.In looking for a modem for my grandmother I’ll probably choose this one again as it seems very reliable and strong. Heed bad reviews but remember human error is a thing and it’s fully possible those people’s units were broken in manufacturing, transit, or use. If you’re responsible and careful this unit will probably do you fine as it did me.

  3. You see my momma used to say “there is a great big world out there. That I needed to stop lifting weights in my room, stop watching tv in the basement, stop playing video games on my Intellivision.” I have always had that voice in the back of my head. I have moved out on my own and started a family, but I for the past 22 years I just keep coming back to what my momma said.Well I finally did something about it and used the interwebs at my local buffet style family dining establishment (borrowing my momma’s smartphone) and ordered the TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router, as a companion piece to a modem surfboard. I am not what you would call well with the electronics, but this piece of manufacturing was easy for me to set up and even brought my son and I closer together as we worked on it as a daddy/son project.Once this was set up the whole family dynamic changed, the kids no longer fight with each other, my wife no longer hollars stuff to me at my face, we watch the entertainment on the tv with the airdropping of shows and movies.My momma was right… there is a whole great big world out there, and now my family and I can see if wireless from our phones and tablets!

  4. This is based on a setup I did last night, so durability is a preliminary call. I got this for my girlfriend. Her Netgear 1600 is approaching old age and had a bit a bit of occasional cutout on the high band. Not enough to make it unusable, but at the sale price of the Tenda, I was able to buy one and save the Netgear for a spare in case something really failed.I paid good money for a Netgear Nighthawk 1900 for my home, and after installing an AC1200 in a rental property I came to the conclusion that all that extra power in the router is wasted if you’re only getting 60 megs down through the cable system.The Tenda cost a small fraction of my locally purchased AC1200 unit and works as well as anything I’ve used. I was able to hang nine devices–Roku boxes, Amazon units, smart speakers, phones, tablets and computers on it in a matter of minutes. It had enough power so that I was getting good signal on my phone way out on the street, at least a block from the unit. If anything more expensive dies in the router department (and the spare Netgear unit dies), this will be my new go to router. Now I’m asking myself what was I thinking when I laid out that extra $140 to get that high end Nighthawk.

  5. Let me start by saying I am just a layman so I can’t go into technical issues about this router, if there are any. But I can tell you, as an average person, I love this router. I am using this in lieu of the FIOS router they tried to force on me. it also replaces a pricier TP Link router that failed miserably after 2 weeks. I wanted to be able to cover as much of my house as possible and IF possible eliminate the WiFi extender. This router does that. When I had FIOS installed the line was put in my living room downstairs on the furthest away spot. Great for my entertainment area terrible for my upstairs office on the other side of the house. Which is why I needed an extender for my computer. Now my computer gets almost full signal strength and phenomenal speed. Since my computer only works on 2.4 band speed sucked. With this router I am very close to my 100/100 FIOS speed on the computer! Very happy. Another thing I’ve noticed: when i tried to play 4K content on my TV it constantly buffered. No more. I have been watching 4K with NO issues not even a stutter. Not only do I find the signal strong it is robust enough to handle all my devices (smart electric plugs, blink cameras, computer, phone my Echo and Ech Dot, etc) and it wants more. There’s nothing weak about this router. As for the cons: setup was time consuming. Not impossible but it wasn’t intuitive. I got it done in less than 1/2 an hour but it could have been quicker. The user interface is decent. There are a lot of options. Heck you can even choose the signal strength for each band, and you can set up a VPN. Previously I had to use DD-WRT to do that. Not now. What makes me even happier? The price! Under $60 and I got one heck of a router. I think the material is what I would expect. So no disappointment there. As you see by my pictures my 5.0 band is what I have always gotten: the speed I pay for. BUT my 2.4 signal is much much better (close to the 100 mb I buy) than it had been using “name brand”’routers. I am very pleased I bit the bullet and bought this. I almost didn’t because it’s not a name I know and some reviews were less than glowing. For me this works great and I hope if you buy it you too are pleased.

  6. Prior to this purchase, I had 3 other wireless routers that I returned because they just won’t work! I got tired so I bought the cheapest one (this) instead. To my surprise, this is the one that worked for me. I like the router admin page’s ease of use, as well as the phone app (named “Tether”) made by TP-Link. The admin page can also generate a QR code which you can print and put in a wall so whenever you have guests, they can just scan the QR code to connect to the internet.

  7. I recently have been researching ways to strengthen the WiFi throughout my house. I had a few dead zones along with weaker connections upstairs (two story house). I also installed security cameras outside and while they did connect to the current WiFi, it needed a boost. To my surprise, Eero/Amazon released this and for the price point, I was sold. Don’t get me wrong, I research and test products, and gladly will return if needed. Set up was quick, and easy. The app is great, easy to navigate, and the instructions were simple, not much to it. I was able to connect all my devices and was up and running within 30 minutes. I have had no issues so far (been two days now). Signal seems to be better, not perfect, in my previous troubled spots, but it’s certainly better than it was. I did have some questions for Eero and they answered me within a day. While one of these bad boys cover most of my house, I think I do need a second one upstairs. My house is over 1500 sq ft but certainly not big enough to require 3 of these routers/extenders. I will test this one for another week, and then purchase the second if I’m still sold.

  8. I was surprised eero finally join the mesh wifi REAL competitiontheir first models (eero) are $499 3 pack. double price compare with google they finally join the competition with google wifi ($199) netgear orbi ($264), tplink ($169) meshforce ($169)By the way this is their first new model after amazon bought the company.But pay VERY BIG attention, this eero router &extender suite is very oldI used 400M Internet, this eero has 2 giga ports, but wireless support only up to 550Mbps (You need to know this is according to the lab test, in real life you cannot get even half)I reserached eero’s previous generation and this one, found that eero hide the detailed wireless specification, that means this router you buy is using 802.11 AC 750 standard. (maximum)IN 2019, you just need to spend 30-40 bucks to buy a AC750 wireless router. But eero sells 100 bucks. 3 pack will spend you $250, this is not the right way.Hide some critical specs means they are cheating most customers because they don’t have enough knowledge on technology.And other apsects you need to consider about this product:1. Its design is ugly2. It has a fair connection quality so you can’t count on it if you own a big house.3. To sign up a eero account you must provide a mobile line, I don’t know why they are collecting my information. (If not, you can’t use their app, can’t install the router.)Despite all negative factors, it’s still an amazon brand, so I hope amazon will be a better thing.

  9. This is a fantastic, very easy to setup wireless router that likely blows the pants off of the router built in to your cable modem or whatever old wifi router you’ve been using for a decade.We used the app to setup profiles (Kid1, kid2, kid3) and entertainment (Apple TV, Roku, Nintendo Switch) and streaming music (Alexa, Google home, Apple HomePod) so its just a couple taps in the app to shut off internet when its time to go to bed, time to do homework etc. Currently we have kid profiles set to turn off at bedtime because, well, its bedtime. Our Eero is so centrally located we’re currently just using one, but if we notice any slowdowns we’ll add a Beacon or another Eero upstairs which, judging by the app, will take about 20 seconds to do.Also, Eero now offers some phishing, spyware, adblocking etc for just a couple dollars a month as a subscription. Knowing what my teenagers are likely doing on the internet (and they won’t take computer security seriously, at all) this is easily worth the money. They also offer content blocking (adult, violence, etc). You can look in the app and instantly see how these things are working — how much spyware or adult content was blocked for example.I’ve used a ton of different routers over the years, including 2 Apple Airport, Ubiquiti, Linksys, Netgear, and plenty of others. Nothing was even in the ballpark as easy to setup or as full of features. And at an amazing price. Unlike some of the Wifi Routers that have a million antenna on them, this is good looking and small. if we need more coverage, we can just add what we need to the house, when we need it.Highly recommend. 5 Stars.(bought my own, not a review unit. Ex network security engineer)

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