cameras at walmart – On Camera for $2.99

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cameras at walmart – On Camera for $2.99
cameras at walmart – On Camera for $2.99


  1. Reading other reviews, I figured this was at least a bit of a “crap shoot.” Happily, I found that this is a great camera! It is very easy to install, very easy to use and control via the free smartphone app, and has given me great peace of mind when I need to leave my dogs at home alone for a bit.The two-way audio comes in handy when I have “dog sitters” in to care for my fur-boys. We can talk to each other and the dogs can hear my voice as well.I have had this since August 26th, and I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about it!

  2. Purchased 2 cameras to teenage proof my house. If you have a teen that sneaks out then this is the product for you! Took 10 mins to install. Picture quality is amazing and it has a wide view. I can move the camera in all directions remotely from my phone. I like that I can talk to my dog, he’s blind and hearing my voice is comforting. Great product. Feels well made. I’m definately going to buy a couple more.

  3. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Let me just start by saying that I have another camera exactly like this one only 720p. The camera is easy to connect to but be sure you have 2.4 and 5g WiFi, this will only connect to 2.4. Once set up the camera connects to your app on your phone and you can speak, view, and hear what’s going on. You can also move the camera view around. I’m pleased with the product and the picture quality is pretty amazing. I haven’t tried recording with either device. But for my needs, I just want to be able to check in on my dogs while I’m gone and make sure there’s no noise or bad behavior. I definitely recommend the product.

  4. This is now the fourth Victure camera I have purchased. The PC540 is just the black version of the wide-angle, 360 degree, wireless security cam I know and love. The BEST of all I have tested. The footprint is larger than the PC330 but still seems to be the same actual camera. Resolution is fantastic. Would LOVE to have a software update to force it to use either infrared or full color but, at this price point? VERY minor. It is just great in darkness and the motion-detection is the big plus for me. It auto-switches from color to night-vision which still delivers a great image but on a cloudy day inside? It would still be possible to use color instead of night-vision. Still. Best camera on the market. Save to the cloud or, my choice, a mem card. I use both Android and iPhone to access motion in the house. Just fantastic.

  5.  I had read the reviews prior to purchasing this camera for use in my apartment. My primary purpose is to check in on my kids while away at work. I’m so happy with all the aspects of the camera and it was completely within my budget! No problem with my WiFi connection or the installation and step by step app walks you through. You dont need to do anything once it’s connected, and picture quality is very clear.

  6. I wasn’t expecting too much when I bought this camera. I just needed something to check on my dogs throughout the day. This camera has features that higher priced cameras charge extra for. I love that I can talk to my dogs if I need to. The motion ability means I don’t have to pick a spot in the room where I can kinda see them at all times. I can just put it in a central spot and be able to move the camera when I want to. Setup through the app was a breeze! Really quick and easy Took maybe 2 minutes to be up and running. I like that I also have the option to record on an SD card or pay for cloud service. Some other cameras I have had force you to pay for cloud service. I also like that I can choose to watch video in SD or HD video. Nightvision is a great touch, I don’t expect to need to use that very often, but I checked it out one night and I could see my whole living room without a problem. Overall I’m impressed that this camera cost so little and offers so much compared to other cameras.

  7. If you’re looking at this system, just buy it. It took me maybe 10 minutes to set up. Plug it in, follow the clearly written instructions, done. The picture is crystal clear. The tilt/pan/zoom is an excellent benefit. The app is super simple to use. I tested the talk feature and that worked great too. There have been a lot of products out in this market lately and finally this one gets the job done. Pro-tip: If you don’t want to pay for the cloud storage or don’t fell comfortable having video of your home out there in cyberspace, just buy an SD card and it’s all saved locally. Easy peasy.

  8. I purchased this camera to be able to watch my home when I am away on business travel. This camera was easy to remove from the package and easy to setup. I like the size, weight, and compact nature of this camera. It works from Ethernet or WiFi but you need Ethernet to be able to activate it and set it up the first time. The monitoring of your camera can be done from Windows or iOS. My only suggestion is that they improve the navigation of the PTZ camera on the web console and the iOS app, and clarify the instructions for using your own backup drive on your network for video recording.

  9. I use it to monitor my cat while I am not at home. You can use web access or mobile phone app (Android and iPhone) to see the camera.Setting up was straightforward using the instructions provided. I only had a problem setting up WiFi over the sound signal, which didn’t recognize my password. Finally, I temporarily plugged the LAN cable to the camera (nice option too!) to get it only, and setup the wireless network from inside the app.After that everything works very nicely. You can rotate the camera in all the directions right from the app, take pictures and record the video too, which is real HD quality.

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