cameras for cars – BYNCG 8 LED IR Night Visions Car Rear View Camera Wide Angle HD Color Image Waterproof Universal Backup Reverse Parking Camera for $4.74

$4.74 $4.99
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cameras for cars – BYNCG 8 LED IR Night Visions Car Rear View Camera Wide Angle HD Color Image Waterproof Universal Backup Reverse Parking Camera for $4.74
cameras for cars – BYNCG 8 LED IR Night Visions Car Rear View Camera Wide Angle HD Color Image Waterproof Universal Backup Reverse Parking Camera for $4.74
$4.74 $4.99


  1.  Very great camera, and easy to use it really comes in hand!! A guy turned in front of me when I had the green light and I hit him. He told the officer that it was my fault little did he know I had it all on Rove Dash Cam. Showed it to the officer on scene and the officer was able to conduct the traffic investigation off my video right there on scene, and then he thanked me for the dash cam video and thought it was a great tool to have for this reason. Thank you Rove Dash Cam!!

  2. This is my 3rd camera from Amazon. And the ONLY one that is great! In my opinion and basing it on the ones I have. My first one was good, but low quality video, 2nd was 1020P video but crud night vision. While the night vision on this one is good, it is grainy but you can still see details, could tell if someone hit you, or you witness an accident.I put up a few photos showing the clarity of the pictures. This are grabbed from moving pictures (screen shots) but still very clear.The things I love about it;1. GPS tells how fast you’re going, what direction and your coordinates at all times. If a cop pulls you over and says you’re doing 65 in a 55 zone, if you were, oops, if not, you have video proof of exactly how fast you were going.2. You not only have video but you can take snapshots at any time, even use it as a camera to take pictures of places and things. Might have to carry a battery pack for power but it’s a great cam too.3. I can connect to it with my Android phone (works with smart phones too) and see what it sees. Of course the range isn’t going to be super long but say it’s on outside a restaurant and you’re close enough, you can connect and watch what’s going on.4. The suction cup to mount to the windshield is the best I’ve seen. It also has other mounting options but I chose this and it’s great.5. I can do 1, 3, 5 and 10 minute size video. You can also do 4gb per video but at the highest setting, you’re not going to get much, and that setting is the only setting that once the micro sd card is full, it will not overwrite old files. The other settings will.6. You can watch the video on the cam, your phone, your TV and the computer.7. With the Rove APP you not only see your videos, but it will show you on the map where you are during the video.So… if you do have an accident, or witness one like I did a couple of months back with my old camera, quality is why I ordered this one. But anyhow, you are covered. Has 150 degree view angle (could be a bit more for my liking) but you can see for yourself in the pictures I posted.The ONLY thing I don’t like is the size of the screen but I knew the size before I ordered it as it’s posted in the description so I can’t ding it for that. A larger screen would be nice but the camera is still great.

  3.  This camera is clear and it is easy to use once you get to know what each button does. I sat down and read the book that came with it way before using it so that I could get a good understanding of everything. The video provided is at default settings, so I haven’t even set it to 4K yet and it is this clear. I do recommend the 128 Samsung 10 class u3 SD card for it as it records without freezing. I haven’t had any problems, but if I do, I will post an update. So far so good though.I can’t comment on the app yet because I haven’t used it, but when I do I will update. Also, I haven’t used the player yet either, but I did download it for Mac, so it is Mac and PC compatible. Once I use these features, I will update again.Update (2/15/2019): I finally used the app and it seemed to work well for me. It was very easy to connect to and I was able to see my videos. I can’t figure out how to use the player though. I thought if I insert the sd card to my computer, it would read from the video player and show me the data, but that wasn’t the case. If anyone figures out how to do this, please let me know. Also, I have integrated the camera into my video, meaning that I bought a kit so that I could plug it into the fuse box for a direct power source. I like the fact that it was easy to do and it now turns off the minute that the vehicle is turned off. The only time it will turn back on is if you have parking mode on, but it shuts off about 3 minutes after it has recorded an impact while parked ( i tested it by shaking my vehicle, I did not get hit). When I turned my vehicle back on, it spoke to me and said, “parking mode was activated,” so I knew right away that I needed to check what happened (of course, this was only a test though). Anyway, so far so good and the video is fantastic. When I learn to work with the player, I will update again. :)Update (12-18-2019) So I figured out everything and so far so good. I ended up buying another one because my son wanted one just like it. He loved how easy it was and the updates that Rove puts out for the cam. They also contacted us when we ordered it. They just said that if we needed anything they would be more than happy to speak to us over the phone with a live agent. What a live agent! They were very nice. I have not had a problem with this cam at all and I do recommend it to others. I just saw that they are having a sale on their website for it, so I might buy another one for my husband. Can you say Christmas gift 🙂 They have a 25% off code on the website. I believe it is ROVEVIP25 to get 25% off. Anyway, this is a great dashcam and I couldn’t have asked for more. I am a loyal customer!

  4. I purchase this dash cam to replace my old one which has much smaller screen and lower resolution video quality. The dash cam is large enough to see what is recording. It is fairly easy to install the front camera. It took me some effort to install the back camera, specially the red wire needs to be connected to the rear light. It is great that the wires are long enough. The video resolution is crystal clear. Love the 170 degree wide angle. Need to buy the SD card additionally which is not a big deal.

  5. I have been using dash cams for years. It really paid off when I avoid a van and hit light pole. Insurance initially called it a SOLO accident but my video clip proved them it was caused by another car.This camera has a larger screen proving better visibility showing front and rear. Picture quality is sharp but menu options a bit tricky.Initially I worried it larger size but it’s located on passenger windshield area on top, driving visibility is not disturbed.Rear camera with optional power connection to back up lamp – slight challenge in regard to finding the right spot. My Lexus ES350 has retractable rear sun screen, so my only option was to stick on interior top upholstery in rear. And tucked wire thru the inner lining and weatherstrip. I don’t have optional power wire connected to back up lamp for rear camera, as the car itself already has backing sensor.A week into normal driving rear camera fell off from top upholstery. I replaced with stronger 3m sticker so it’s good for now. For the price I paid and the quality it is good bang for the bucks. There are plenty of higher end dashcams but really no need to other unneeded features.

  6. This is a cool camera with some great features.But mine came with the seeming inability to use an sd card. I’ve purchased 5 different ones including the exact one recommended for this camera in the bought together feature. The sd slot also seems to be all messed up and I have almost lost 2 of the sd cards in the interior of the camera as the sd card holder itself seems to be loose in the slot and the hole in the camera is much larger than the sd card holder.I’m not quite sure if I am going to keep this pos if I can’t get an sd card to work in it as that kind of defeats the purpose of a dash cam.

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