cameras for home – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99

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Features:   Soft material, which is easy to remove Smooth and comfortable texture Wear-resistant, protect your beloved camera from scratching and crashing in all directions Color: white, blue   Package Included:   1 x Silicone Case for GoPro Hero 4 / 5 Session

cameras for home – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99
cameras for home – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99


  1. Very easy setup. Video quality both daytime and night time is superb. I do have mine set to HD, not auto. The 920nm IR is excellent – no “red lights” glaring across the room at night! The camera does NOT have to be connected to wifi/internet to record video to the SD card (major plus compared to other indoor cameras). I didn’t like the bright white of the stands, cords or chargers. I used Rust-Oleum flat blank spray paint to spray the stand and the charger. The camera can be removed from the stand by depressing the locking clips on the right and left side of the camera body. If you paint the charger use masking tape to cover the usb slot and the outlet plugs. I purchased 10 foot black USB to microUSB cords to replace the 6′ white cords. With the stands, cords, charger and the camera all black, it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb when sitting on the top of a bookshelf, dining room hutch or other place to secret a camera. I would suggest purchasing a battery backup like the TalentCell Rechargeable 12V 3000mAh DC Lithium Ion Battery Pack (sold on amazon) so that if the power goes out, your cameras will still work. I don’t like paying for the cloud storage solution Yi offers, so I’m only using 32gb micro SD cards in the cameras. Two drawbacks to these cameras, and these kept the camera from getting 5 stars from me: 1) the video on the SD card does not get written with a date/time stamp on the video itself. 2) the file size is 1 min long (approx 4.5mb) on the SD card. A friend of mine, who is a criminal defense attorney, said this would be a problem if you tried to use the video in court. the defense can always claim, rightly so, that the video does NOT show when the event happened and that the video would have to be edited together to view the full context of the event. Other than the date/time stamp issue, I highly recommend these cameras!

  2. Before buying these you need to know some positive and negative points about them:1. The sensor is SUPER sensible, which means that even in the lowest setting you’re still going to receive alerts from the app because of a bug or an abrupt change of lightning.2. The two-way audio function sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. You can definetly get someone’s attention with it but it’s impossible to establish a conversation (at least in my case with an average download speed of 21 Mbps).3. With night vision the camera is still doing good for at least 70 ft.4. SD cards only record when it detects activity so with an 8gb SD card you can store at least one week of footage.5. Power cable is 7 feet long.Conclusion: Pretty good home surveillance camera, I would recommend putting these on a high place with some mounts that you can find on Amazon.

  3. Alright, so I’m a tech guy, love anything electronic! I have had CCTV cameras in my house for years. I’ve been using Swann wired cameras for the most part with mixed emotions. But running new wires to upgrade the system just didn’t excite me.I had been looking at NEST cams since I have the smart Thermostats and Smoke/Carbon-monoxide detectors for a while, but the price is ridiculous! Plus your only option with them is cloud service (an additional cost). Then I spoke with a neighbor who sent me a screen shot from his YI camera. I must say, the quality was pretty impressive.So I bought a four pack for $119.00 with moderate expectations. Let me tell you I’m super impressed with the picture quality of these cameras. Set up is quick and easy. When I purchased them I had no idea they had audio as well. The audio quality is incredible, plus it’s a two way speaker. Purchased 32 GB SD cards for all of them so I didn’t need to use cloud storage and it’s been working great! I have them set to record all motion and I usually have about 7 days of history on each camera.Day and night vision are both spectacular IMO. I have attached several photos so you can see the quality both day and night. Side note, I have a couple “indoor cams” mounted outside. To do this I purchased a rubber sleeve/cover from Amazon to make the drop cam weather resistant for outdoor application. It’s been through rain, sleet and snow with out issue so far. Link to cover: couple cons, the power cable is sooooooo short. I had to purchased longer cables for a couple of my installs. No biggie, they are only a few dollars here on Amazon. The app for iOS is very functional, but it has no multi camera view which would be a nice option.

  4. Update 7/22/19 – Changing back to 1 star. They sent me replacement cameras that supposedly have better range due to a firmware update. Nothing changed, still can’t connect to the one outside. I bought a $60 range extender and now get 4 out of 5 bars on that camera but it still won’t connect. I thought this would be a great solution but apparently not.Update 6/1/19 – I am changing my review from 1 star to 3 stars. Why? I got an email from the founder of Blink letting me know they are working on the unexpected issues and are very willing to work with me to get this figured out. They haven’t actually done anything other than email me to let me know this, but their willingness to jump in so quickly and work on a solution speaks volumes to their desire to provide good customer service. I’ll update again after I hear more from them and if we make any progress.Original review:I worked with support for almost 2 hours trying to get these to work but couldn’t get any farther than 25′ from my router. It’s a straight shot from the router to the front door and a typical 6″ wood framed wall next to the front door. Inside the door they worked fine, but as soon as I put them outside they quite working. Considering this is a “2” version you would think it would have better range. Very disappointed with Amazon and this product.

  5. UPDATE: I absolutely must commend the team at Blink. For me, their recent flurry of software updates have resolved pretty much every issue I have had. I still wish that, overall, the ranges were greater, but my signal strength is now rock-solid (even without using my range extender). Live view works exactly as I expected and motion detection seems much more dialed in. It really feels like the system I expected.In addition, I can’t say enough about their customer service. Though the experience was initially frustrating, having both Efrain, (from customer service) as well as Peter, (their founder and GM) reach out to me to ensure that the software updates were working and to offer support on any other issues has really impressed me. Several years back, I went through a similar issue with a 1st generation coffee bean grinding coffee maker. The company that made the machine responded similarly to Blink and I have always said I would buy from them again in a heartbeat as long as they remain committed to that level of support. I can now say the same thing of Blink.So, in summation, still wish wi-fi was a tad more powerful, but thanks to Blink’s persistence and impressive customer support, I feel like I now have the system I was expecting.UPDATE: Like a few others, I have revised my review because the founder of Blink has reached out to me, as has the Blink support team, which has left me very impressed with their customer service when it comes to dealing with the launch challenges. In addition, while there are still challenges, (like erratic live connection and motion tracking), the system has stabilized significantly for me. I DID end up purchasing a range extender, which left me a little chaffed at the added cost to obtain functionality, but the company’s response to my issues has left me legitimately “wowed” and willing to continue to take this journey with them.I will post additional updates as things continue to develop.ORIGINAL REVIEW: Really wanted to like the XT2 based on price, ease of use, no ongoing fees, etc., but it’s mostly been a dud so far. Live view almost never works, motion detection seems to not pick up on things when armed, and it can barely get two bars on internet connection when my phone (and any other device I’ve tried) gets almost full bars in the same area. I should also add that there’s very little that makes it clear in advance that the cameras need to not only have good reception with the sync module, but also your wi-fi (Which makes the point of the sync module what, again?). I have ordered a range extender (additional cost) to see if I can resolve it, but I’m not hopeful based on other devices doing just fine in that area. Makes it particularly doubtful that this thing could handle additional cameras, when it can’t seem to deal with one. Unless there are some firmware updates coming that make any of this better, I cannot recommend the Blink XT2 and am considering this a $100 lesson learned.

  6. * Watching my driveway, foyer, and garage, the motion detector often does not pick up things that aren’t small and hot – for example it completely misses the UPS and FedEx trucks that stop in my driveway.* When it does trigger, it has a limited clip length and won’t retrigger quickly, so it often misses key action. When guests pull into the driveway, it usually registers the car, but has run out of recording time by the time somebody gets out, and if they were up to no good, they’d be totally missed.* Poor signal strength – it was difficult to find a place to for the ‘sensor hub’ that provided good coverage. All of the cameras are within 50′ of the sensor, yet I can’t find a place in the house for the hub where all get satisfactory signal.* System is busy – often when I manually request capture the application reports ‘System is Busy’Not suitable for purpose as a security device – the system regularly fails to record critical events.I’m not going to throw these away, but I would not buy them again.

  7.  Verified purchase and authentic video from this camera.It’s tiny! (That’s what she said…) In all seriousness, it is a very small camera. But so far, it seems to be a very competent device. The colors are sharp and crisp, the resolution is amazing and it’s everything I’ve come to expect from Ring.The camera is a fixed position camera (no pan/tilt feature), but it does have a wide viewing angle. The images you see are as clean and distinct on the far edges as they are in the center of the picture/video. It really is a nice view.The only reservation I have with this camera is Amazon and Ring’s willingness to use our cameras for law enforcement. Mind you, I’m not breaking any laws, but at the same time I’m not willing to give any company the ability to view my private life with or without my consent. As far as I know, neither company is using the data from my cameras for their own reasons, but I’m still suspect of their intent.However, despite my tin-foil hat and conspiracy theories, I’m loving my Ring camera. It has two-way communication and an alarm to scare my dogs when they fall asleep on the couch. Bad dog! Get off the couch and don’t bark at me, you silly puppy! I digress, it’s a fantastic device and for the price ($60 at the time of this review), it’s everything we expect from Ring. Five stars.

  8. Pros:CostDaylight videoEasy SetupCons:Hardware that comes with it will not mount into studs (screws too shallow).Power cord is a proprietary micro USB (plug recessed deep on the camera) so unable to use just any micro-usb plug.Night video has issues keeping everything in focus (blurry top of the screen)First and foremost, its a 60 dollar camera. The least expensive camera Ring has produced. I have the Doorbell Pro, and the floodlight camera watching the front and back of my house, so was excited to see a cheaper option to put one in my garage.The camera itself is incredibly small, almost the size of the ring doorbell itself. Setting it up was a breeze if you already have a Ring device. Took me 15 minutes to get the camera up and running and added to my existing Ring app.The video quality is on par with the other devices in the daylight. No complaints about that. The night vision however, seems like it has some issues. I’ve noticed that anything on the top of the screen comes off blurry and out of focus in night vision. I haven’t experienced that with other ring cameras, and may be due to mounting the camera high on the wall and it having an issue keeping everything in focus. I know they increased the viewing angles on this model, so it may also have to do with that. Its purely speculation, but it is a 60 dollar camera, so not a deal breaker for me. Its not like Spiderman will be breaking into my garage.The biggest negative on this device however (and why I took away a star) is the hardware. The mounting screws are far too shallow to get through drywall and into a stud. So they include the anchors for drywall, and you will need to mount this into the anchors. This seems like a huge miss considering most Ring devices account for this and always have included the appropriate hardware.The other negative is the power cord. Six foot is hardly enough to work with. With the camera being powered with a micro-usb, if you’re thinking “well just buy a longer usb cord”, that won’t work. The plug in on the back of the camera is far too recessed for anything other than the cord that it comes with. So unless you’re looking to use a typical 120 extension cable, make sure you’re planning on mounting this close to the outlet.

  9. I am very disappointed in the functionality of this product.Having indoor security is a great thing but I do not wanna have to give up all of my privacy to get it. There are plenty of reasons why a person may not want to be recorded inside their home. Currently, you have no options for turning off the cameras from the app.After more than half an hour on the phone with customer support, they made it clear that there was no option for privacy except for physically unplugging the cameras. This is extremely impractical. My cameras, for instants, are mounted up at the ceiling and need a ladder to access. I’m sure that I do not need to give you examples of all the reasons that this would be problematic, since I can think of a half dozen off the top of my head.Another possible partial solution would be restricting what information shared users can see. Currently there don’t seem to be any options at all about how much someone can see if you share your account with them. If they were option settings for sharing, I could decide how much they see. But there aren’t.I am still deciding if I will be keeping these new cameras or not.

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