cameras for sale – Hot Sale 37 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77 82 mm Lens Step Up Down Ring Filter All Camera Adapter Set for $0.96

$0.96 $1.48
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cameras for sale – Hot Sale 37 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77 82 mm Lens Step Up Down Ring Filter All Camera Adapter Set for $0.96
cameras for sale – Hot Sale 37 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77 82 mm Lens Step Up Down Ring Filter All Camera Adapter Set for $0.96
$0.96 $1.48


  1. This point and shoot has been great to use and I have been quite satisfied with it considering its low price. I have attached test photos and videos so you can be the judge on the quality. I noticed that this camera is especially good at picking up accurate and bold colors in both the photo and video modes.Canon includes a “Getting Started” guide, a warranty card, a small lanyard, a 680mah battery, an external battery charger (which is nice if you plan on buying additional batteries), and the camera itself.With the popularity of smartphones, what is the appeal of this entry-level point and shoot camera? Well, unlike most smartphones, this camera features an 8x optical zoom. This is a great feature that allows you to zoom in decently close while experiencing a minimal degradation in quality. The camera’s maximum video quality is 720p but it features quick auto focusing and as mentioned before, good accurate colors. The only issue that I had with the video quality is that the stabilization is not the best.Conclusion: This is overall a great entry-level point and shoot and I do not think you will be disappointed for the price. The 8x optical zoom is definitely my favorite feature and the photo and video quality is about what you would expect for a camera in this price range. There is no included SD card so you will need to buy one, and there is no included transfer cable (mini USB) so you will also need to buy one of those to load the photos and video onto your computer unless you have an SD card slot. The user interface on the camera is easy and simple to use. This camera is great for those who are not extremely technologically savvy as there is basically no learning curve. Nice job Canon.Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money for my own personal use.

  2.  UPDATE 1-7-20 Started getting really bad quality images, so much so that I was just going to toss it. I decided to try and take the lens from this newest red camera and put on my old silver one because the old one was better than the new one only it had a scratched lens. Well, it was extremely difficult to replace and was a complete bust! Both were worthless as they were so not a complete loss from trying but I woud no longer recommend this model again. It’s crap.June 2019 – I do professional photography for a living but wanted a small pocket camera for hiking/traveling/walking and quick things around the house without dragging out a bunch of equipment. It fits in a pocket perfectly! I don’t know about you but if I take my pro gear out on a walking, I never actually get any exercise, I just stand around taking photos in one or two spots the whole time. Lol. So — my view on this is it’s not as good as previous point-n-shoots I’ve had. They used to be heavier, more sturdy, better made and less expensive. This one is lighter, tad flimsy, pricier than I’m used to (for the low quality) and not as good made. Comes with a rechargeable battery which is nice but I don’t love it enough to buy a backup, although it does last a very long time, charged it for the first time after 2 months of use which is about 10mins every 3 days or so. Quality is so-so and many of the basic features and settings I’m used to on most other point-n-shoots are not on this camera or very limited. An amateur can take good shots with it but only if you have the patience on the focusing. It can take a long time for it to focus on what you are trying for. For example, say you are trying to get a butterfly on a flower, it may continuously want to focus on the ground rather than the flower/butterfly area (see photo of what I mean or looks like Amazon isn’t allowing all my photos so not sure if you can see it). It does AMAZING macro shots most of the time though, it automatically focuses them (best without flash on) but other shots farther away or if trying to do something quick not as great, so give it time to focus. Not the worse quality shots ever but not best either. A tiny bit muddy/painted look if you zoom into the images at 100% (see photo of 100%). The video (one attached) is decent, actually does better than photo stills. It also does not turn off ALL sounds. The settings allow you to turn off many sounds but it keeps the shutter sound, beeps when focusing and there is no way to turn it off. Personally, I don’t like the sounds. If I had to choose a pocket camera for hiking and traveling again, I would save a little more and not get this one. If I only wanted to take quick macros inside for products etc, this is the camera to have. I’ve attached 19 photos and 1 video straight from this camera without Ps edits. ~Happy Shooting~

  3.  Okay. I gave it 5 stars because I love the camera itself and don’t feel I should downgrade my review because of what the listing says. Also it wouldn’t let me put in four and a half. But any buyer should know that the listing says that it comes with “64” of something regarding memory. It doesn’t say 64 of what. Could be Kbites, could be Mbites, could be Gbites, could be raw fish or tooth faerie droppings. Who knows? Turns out there is ZERO. ZIP. NADA. So if you order one of these be sure to buy some memory because it is not included and the camera would be useless without it. Good thing I’m a bit of a memory hog and bought an “extra” or I wouldn’t have been able to use it at all until I ordered some.Another small thing that it won’t do (and I hold Canon blameless for this) is that there is no way that I can find to put a live view from the camera onto my computer screen—as you would do with a web cam. I didn’t buy it specifically to do this kind of thing so I’m not let down but I do a bit of astrophotography and that kind of thing is nice. The screen is too small to tell if there is dirt on one of your lenses in the dark. It ruins the shot if you don’t notice it and when you are trying to shoot a picture of the full moon and don’t catch it you have to wait at least a month to set the shot up again.With those two things in mind it’s a pretty good camera and I’m happy I got it. The screen is easy to read. It’s got a lot of the features that you would expect to find on a more professional grade camera. The menus are fairly intuitive once you’ve spent fifteen minutes or so with the manual. I should be noted that you do have to download the manual itself because it only comes with a quick start guide. In Auto mode while shooting some pictures, like the moon for example, the exposure is a bit too high but I suspect there is a setting that would fix that, which I haven’t found yet. In Program mode it’s easy enough to correct that kind of problem, as it is pretty easy to take control of most of the other settings.I shot the attached video of the moon through my telescope because a picture is worth a thousand more words.I’m still experimenting with it because I just got it yesterday but I’ll update this if I think of anything else.

  4. Price dropped minutes after my purchase!It arrived one day early! It had everything advertised! Will update with 5 stars after using the camera and checking out the Wi-Fi capabilities. I downloaded the app and can’t wait to see how well it works.

  5. I love love love this camera! Its absolutely amazing. I think it’s a great beginners camera, I’ve been able to take some really good shots on this thing, I haven’t once used the auto mode.I decided to get this because the canon rebel t6 was just 10 dollars cheaper, and I really wanted the higher megapixels.It’s easy to use, I watched some video’s on YouTube to help me out before I got the camera.As a beginner In photography, I’m very pleased with this camera.

  6. I love this bundle! For the lenses,the camera alone, the price is right!! The bundle may not be cannon( tm). And the camera bag is too small for all the goodies, but from beginners or to someone getting back into photography, this is a great buy. If I had this when I was in my photography classes, I can’t fathom what kind of pictures I could have taken. Just testing it out, my pictures look like they are from a magazine. I haven’t even gotten to all the rest of the well labeled functions. Iv just been shooting manual. But it says here I can synk it to my phone , my computer , and it came with a 64GB with a flash drive converter!! For 24.1 mp camera body, 3 lenses, 64GB sd card, 2 batteries, a built in flash and a slave flash, 3 fliters, a small tripod and large tripod, lenses cleaner;blower;cleaning pen, screen protector, camera bag, extra sd card wallet, Hand strap, camera bag, a button you can hook up to make the shutter go even when your hands arnt on the camera, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things, this is a great buy!! Much better than a point and shoot if you like to use a camera on stead of letting your camera take the pictures for you ( but you can set it to do that if you want)

  7.  I’ve taken to collecting drones, and I’ve started to notice subtle , but important, differences in them. This drone is a moderate performance flyer with great features, a commonly used app and solid construction. It’s easy to control, if a bit sedate in responsiveness, and its well built to withstand the occasional, and inevitable, crashes and other mishaps. It comes with a great carry case, and the controller is simple to use and well marked. It is a good choice for a first (or second) drone.

  8. The first one I got was faulty. The damage looks like it was a factory issue not likely to be common. A replacement came quickly with no problems and in good condition.Everything as advertised and expected. No onboard memory but the pictures and recorded video on your phone look good.I have a lot of interest in flight simulators and RC vehicles and this is my first drone. I’ve already caught footage of a neighborhood fire without getting in anyone’s way. I’ve been able to fly at approximately 500 foot straight up. When you put it up to level 3 speed it’s a blast and it has held up to many crashes quite well.I would definitely suggest ordering two additional batteries because. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to drain the battery with play and the battery is take about an hour to an hour and a half to charge. With two extra batteries there would be much more play time and much less waiting on the little red light to turn off.If you’re looking for a good beginner drone for the price this is your stop.One thing to note is that the Wi-Fi live-stream video feed to your phone is based entirely on your phone. If you have an older cheaper phone with just okay Wi-Fi you cannot fly by camera alone. In short the better the phone the better the frame rate.

  9. I never owned a drone before but I wanted something that was decent but not too cheap. This is the perfect one because it looks and operates just like a brand name but doesnt cost like one. Its not a 4K camera but 1080p is the next best thing. It looks just like a DJI spark but only costs a quarter of its price! Controls are responsive and I like that it comes with a carrying case. You cant go wrong with this price point. If your not a serious drone flyer like myself, this model is more than enough to keep you entertained for hours – especially during this quarantine.

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