cameras for vlogging – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99

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Features:   This is camcorder professional LED camera light. Mini design, easy to take in pocket and light for phone photography or DSLR camera photography. Include independent power switch and keep the same brightness out when switch it on again. Support lithium battery power input...

cameras for vlogging – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99
cameras for vlogging – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99


  1. The manual clearly states that “processing RAW images from this camera is not possible”. I wish I had known this, I would not have bought this camera. While the camera does allow you to shoot in RAW, you cannot download or open the files on your computer. You have to go to the Canon website and download software. The instructions to do so are confusing, and the instructions on how to actually use the software are even more confusing.Unless you plan on only shooting in JPEG, do not buy this camera.The autofocus and shutter (there is a lag or delay when you press the shutter) are so slow on this camera, don’t even think about trying to capture moving subjects. I tried to shoot my dog jumping in broad daylight, and it was impossible. Nothing but complete blur. Also, because it is completely digital, the viewfinder and image display shut off after you take a shot, as it is processing. The viewfinder itself is also digital as well…which totally negates the purpose of having a viewfinder…This camera is also completely useless in low light. Don’t even think about increasing the ISO to 10,000. Also, the max shutter speed is only 1/4000.

  2. I own both the original 6D as well as the RP. Ive only had the RP for a short time, but here are some of my impressions. All in all, it seems to be a very good camera. Other than the resolution, I still prefer the images from my 6D but as I said, its early yet.I think the body is a little cheapy feeling. The ergonomics are good and you really dont need the extra bottom plate unless you have gigantic hands. It has a good grip and as everyone has mentioned, its very light. Of course until you add some big EF lenses. Other than the nice grip it tends to remind me of a Sony in that everything is minimal, controls are flush to the body, all black. I would have prefered a little better leatherette cover, and some more slr like controls. However, im being picky here and this would all affect the size and weight of the camera.The EVF is a top notch feature. For landscapes in particular, there really has been no other way but Live View through the LCD, but that has changed. You can almost forget about the rear LCD except for certain purposes, the EVF is that good. It allows you to control everything and see everything including exposure. You can see in the EVF whether the sky is blown out etc. And thanks to drag and focus, you can easily move the focus point , get the exposure you like and lock it in with exposure lock. It is very much like having a peephole LCD. Big points for this.The autofocus is excellent and you can have a combination of them in place at the same time. The eye detect focus from my limited use is very fast and does a great job. If you want to to change the focus, just touch your LCD while looking through the EVF and you can move it, almost anywhere in the frame.There are a number of other great features such as focus bracketing that ive yet to try, but that one has the potential to be great. So all that being said, lets get to the image quality.Anyone moving from an aps-c to full frame Im sure will be very impressed with the RP. With a good lens you cant beat that combination of razor sharp and creamy soft that full frame offers. The colors of course are very good as expected, and here is a surprize. I was expecting the DR to be a real downer but its not. I convert to dng and edit in other programs other than DPP and i was surprised at how much range there is. Its certainly not class leading, but it is very respectable. If you need more than this, you really took a bad exposure. The low light performance is very good, and you can get very respectable images even beyond 12800 ISO with a little work. Now i have to say this, for whatever reason, i still prefer the images of the original 6D. I cant say exactly why, a combination of the tone, color and what i like to call the creaminess is still better for me on the 6D. But again I am splitting hairs. For the most part, the RP is capable of producing images rivaling the best of Canons full frame cameras. And it has a lot of practical convenience features that make this one hell of a camera for the price.

  3. In response to another review on this site, it is important to note that the camera shoots RAW just like all other similar cameras, and the RAW files can be processed on computer software just like all other similar cameras. It is sad to see that over 70 people have found the other review helpful – when it is totally inaccurate. When a new camera is released, it often takes a few weeks (or even longer) for all the software companies to update their software to accept the new camera’s files. I am guessing this is what the problem was with the other reviewer. The Canon DPP software is not at all confusing if you decide to download it. Just pick “convert and save” and the RAW files are converted to your choice of JPG or TIF.While the camera is more of a general use camera, if you understand how to set shutter speed, then you can get shots of moving subjects such as your dog or kids.For the price, this camera is a real bargain. You get the beautiful Canon color and easy to use ergonomics. It is weaker in low light than many of it’s competitors – that would be my only negative comment.Again, to repeat: YOU CAN SHOOT AND PROCESS RAW FILES WITH THIS CAMERA JUST LIKE ALL OTHER SIMILAR CAMERAS.

  4.  This is for the Crosstour Upgraded CT8500 4K 20MP Action Camera WiFi EIS Waterproof 40M with External Microphone and Remote Control, Sold by: SNBOUSOverall impression of physical device. The camera body has a very nice rubberized edging which feels higher end. Body has a nice curve on the front. The waterproof enclosure feels tight and secure. Enclosure does not seem like it would take a drop well, seems kind of weak. The camera did come with two batteries which was surprised.You need to charge the batteries using the camera body…. So you need to have both charged you cant keep on a charger and the other in the camera, that’s a bit of a negative. Accessories that came with the camera are extensive. It has a remote to control photo and video. There is also a app for your phone. Playstore: Live DV, allows you to stream the video feed to your phone, very choppy and remote shutter control and view videos stored on the cameras card. Camera supports up to 32GB.Video shots are nice and photo resolution is very good considering the type of camera.I do not like the battery door, it’s not hinged so it can fall away from the camera and be lost forever if in a real “action” situation.I attached video and photos, the video I filmed while riding down a street on a hoverboard holding the camera as still as possible to give you an idea of the Anti Shake technology.

  5.  You can’t beat this action camera at this price. It comes with a ton of attachment accessories that they don’t show on the product page, and it includes two batteries. I recorded several videos to test 1080p60F vs 4K30F, and I while the crispness of the 4K is great, I really like the smoother frame rate at 60FPS at 1080P especially for faster moving action. I took some long range video (about 100 feet away) using both modes and then edited them down to zoom in 4x on the PC, and the difference in quality between 4K and 1080P was very clear when you zoom in… no doubt about it, it’s like night and day in quality at that detail level.So, in summary, if you are shooting far away objects, the 4K really helps, and the distance will be such that you really won’t need 60FPS. If you are shooting closer objects (25 feet or closer would be a good break point), then the higher frame rate will prove very useful if those objects are “in action” to reduce blur. And you will be close enough that 1080P will be just fine.I did not test the underwater effectiveness, but I will take it scuba diving in April and I’ll try to remember to update this review when I get all, I have had several inexpensive action cameras and this one is right up there with quality and value, especially with all the accessories you get. Definitely recommend!

  6.  I have a few crosstour dash cams and like them all and thought I’d give this a try. The variety of options on the camera (resolutions, sounds, modes, web cam, dash cam, etc.) are great. The device comes bundled with a couple dozen accessories including a lapel microphone, a spare battery, a replacement rear seal panel for the waterproof case, and most helpful – the remote. The device charges (after battery inserted) via micro usb cable plugged into the side, that said, the camera can operate without a battery as long as it’s plugged into a 5v power source.At $50-90 (depending on sales or coupon) this is a great device for the price.I was most interested in using this camera under water and it claims to work up to 40m (130 feet). I tested it in a bowl on the counter and it’s clear and had no issues for the time I left it in there and afterwards. See the video and pictures. The waterproof case feels very secure when you place the camera in it and latch it.Pros:The accessories look like any you’d use for a gopro – including helmet mounts, straps, tripod mounts (for both the waterproof case and without).Price is much cheaper than a gopro.Great customer service for questions.The spare battery can be a life saver.The remote is great and comes with a variety of straps so you can Velcro around your handle bars, wrist, etc.All buttons on the device are very responsive and be be easily accessed through the waterproof housing.The view screen is very clear.Field of view is great.Resolution and video size are excellent.Cons:The battery can be replaced but the panel on the bottom is difficult to get off without a screw driver or thin coin.The body of the camera is not the most robust, but that doesn’t really matter for my needs because I plan to use it within the waterproof case 99% of the time.I don’t think the remote is waterproof.Doesn’t take great macro pictures, but that’s not it’s intended use.

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