cameras for youtube – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99

$4.84 $5.69
Best deal at: aliexpress.comAliExpress

Features:   Soft material, which is easy to remove Smooth and comfortable texture Wear-resistant, protect your beloved camera from scratching and crashing in all directions Color: white, blue   Package Included:   1 x Silicone Case for GoPro Hero 4 / 5 Session

cameras for youtube – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99
cameras for youtube – Protective Silicone Rubber Case Soft Shell for Gopro Hero 5 / 4 Session Action Cameras Accessories for $2.99
$4.84 $5.69


  1. I am extremely impressed with the quality of this product, the camera is so clear and it’s so easy to set up. I would highly recommend this product to everyone

  2. Didn’t want to hit the higher prices for bigger brand names, glad I didn’t as this is actually turning out better than my friends with a the “branded names”.

  3. With the stay-at-home order, I am doing all of my work from home. Most of my meetings are via Zoom, so I wanted a camera that I could just plug into my docking station (rather than use the camera on my laptop). I plugged in the camera and it immediately worked. No hassle, no fuss. Great picture, good microphone and easy to use. I know I could have paid more for a camera, but this one does everything I need for a better price.

  4. The camera arrived ahead of schedule despite other cameras being unobtainable during this time of worldwide social distancing. It was easy to install on Windows 10 – doesn’t need any special software like it does for earlier versions of Windows. Truly plug and play. The flexible camera holding device was very versatile, allowing desktop standing or clipping to top of monitor. Good surface grip. Rotation or up/down aiming is easy. Focus is manual, but you’ll be using it at the same distance every time, so only needs initial focus adjustment. Sharp picture. Tried it on both desktop and laptop computers. The small size makes it easy to carry or stow.Depending on lighting, usually shows some flicker associated with the frame rate. Distracting in lower light, but you should be using better face lighting anyway.The microphone was substandard. Captured sound easily, but it sounded slightly muffled – more so than the microphone in my laptop. Mild echo. Didn’t test it with background noise to see how much was due to noise cancellation feature. If you have your own microphone or headset/phone combo, these factors won’t matter. If you are primarily just visualizing a meeting, no problem. If you are the primary speaker or if the meeting is one on one, then the mike quality is distracting.

  5. Good camera but I opened mine up to retro fit it into a screen and the moulded case on the inside has inserts for a mic at each side but there is only actually one in there!!! So this dual mic, all angles, can cancel noise – not true.

  6. My WFH setup precluded me from using the camera on my laptop for the numerous conference calls I attend. This camera did the trick. I chose this camera after reading some online reviews ranking webcams.Similar to other reviews, I plugged this camera in and was able to connect it to Microsoft Teams and Skype with zero hassle and virtually no setup. My Windows 10 PC recognized the camera right away. The only configuration required was to tell my conferencing apps to use this camera instead of the PC camera.Picture quality is excellent and the camera was already focused for a desktop setup.Definitely a good purchase.

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