Historic cash – The Secular Video games of The Circus Maximus

The Grandeur That Was Rome - The Secular Games of the Circus Maximus

By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Administration, LLC ……

The Secular Video games on the Circus Maximus had been among the largest and most memorable celebrations in antiquity. They had been held on two completely different cycles, first on the “saeculum”, considered the longest doable size of a human life (between 100 and 110 years) and on the centennial anniversaries of the founding of Rome.

Due to frequent battle, the video games weren’t all the time held persistently however did happen all through the historical past of the empire, with some proof pointing to the primary video games happening in 509 BCE. Extra common video games came about throughout the Roman Republic in 249 BCE and the 140s BCE. Augustus held video games in 17 BCE, and later emperors adopted in 88 and 204 CE, roughly 110 years between video games on the “saeculum” cycle. Claudius additionally held celebrations in 47 CE to commemorate the 800th anniversary of Rome’s basis, resulting in subsequent video games in 148 by Antoninus Pius and 248 by Philip I “the Arab”.

Septimius Severus noticed many parallels in his conquests to these of Augustus 200 years earlier, so he continued the custom of the Secular Video games. These video games had been lavish and important, with animal hunts in addition to chariot races within the Circus Maximus.

Historian Dio Cassius wrote:

“The entire development within the amphitheater was made within the type of a ship, and was so conceived that 400 beasts is perhaps acquired into it, and on the identical time be despatched forth from it. Then, when it immediately collapsed there issued out of it bears, lionesses, panthers, lions, ostriches, wild asses and bison, in order that seven hundred beasts, each wild and domesticated, had been seen working about on the identical time and had been slaughtered.” (LXXVII, 4-5).

The inscription on this coin refers to Septimius Severus inaugurating a brand new golden age, a cheerful time: “Laetitia Temporum”. This coin seems to depict two completely different occasions, the chariot races within the Circus represented by the quadrigae, or four-horse chariots, above the ship, and the big animal hunt that came about on the seventh and closing day of the video games, mirroring the exact description written by Dio Cassius with every animal kind seen on the commemorative cash.

The video games of Septimius Severus had been, sadly, the final on the “saeculum” cycle as 110 years later, Constantine I was emperor and the video games had been put to an finish.

* * *

Septimius Severus. (193-211 CE). Silver denarius (3.42 gm). Rome, 206 CE. SEVERVS PIVS AVG, head laureate proper / LAETITIA TEMPORVM, the spina of the Circus Maximus adorned as a ship going through left, with the turning posts at its prow and stern, a sail mounted on the central obelisk, and the spina’s different monuments seen in between; above the ship, 4 quadrigas racing left; under, seven animals: an ostrich at left and bear at proper; between them a lion and a lioness chasing a wild ass and a panther attacking a bison. BMCRE 343. RIC 274 (R2). Cohen 253 (60 Fr.).]

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