Mint Error Coin Chronicles: Partial Collars

Fascinating errors illustrate mechanical difficulties when seating blanks


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is among the world’s main authority on mint errors, a preferred phase of numismatics. In Mint Error Coin Chronicles, we take an in-depth take a look at a particular type of mint error. This month’s matter is Partial Collars.

A Partial Collar error happens when there’s a malfunction of the placing press that results in a clean sitting barely askew on the collar die. Because the coin is struck, a few of the planchet is pushed into the collar die, which constrains the circulate of the metallic. The rest of the metallic, nonetheless, will not be constrained and freely expands previous the boundaries of the die. The result’s a stepped look round some or the entire circumference of the coin.

There are three sorts of Partial Collar Errors:

  • Straight Partial Collar Errors on Reeded Edges, that are generally known as “railroad rim” cash
  • Tilted Partial Collar Errors, which happen when the planchet is tilted on the die, leading to uneven “steps” on the rim of the coin
  • Partial Collars on Non-Reeded Edges, which generally appear to be wagon wheels

Partial Collar errors are comparatively frequent — a lot much less uncommon than different planchet errors equivalent to Broadstrikes and Off-Heart Strikes. Whereas they’re most simply acknowledged by their deformed rims, clues on the floor of cash can also point out one thing went incorrect throughout manufacturing.

For instance, on this 1974-S Lincoln cent graded NGC Mint Error MS 64 RB with a Partial Collar error, a thickening of the rim on the obverse is obvious at 10 and a pair of o’clock. On the reverse, the house between “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on the highest and “ONE CENT” on the underside is clearly out of alignment. These are indications of a planchet not correctly aligned with the die.

This uneven thickening of the edges on Partial Collar errors is much more evident on this 1966 SMS Washington quarter graded NGC Mint Error MS 67 with a Partial Collar Error (lot 91983 within the Heritage Auctions 2021 July 15 Error Coinage Showcase Auction #60210). The coin clearly overhangs the “1966” on the obverse and the phrases “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on the reverse.

Fifteen different NGC-certified Partial Collar cash have been supplied within the July Heritage sale, together with some with one other mint error current. Highlights embody:

  • An 1893 Indian Cent graded NGC Mint Error MS 65 RB with a Partial Collar error (lot 91035)
  • A 1984-P Jefferson Nickel graded NGC Mint Error MS 64 with Partial Collar and Obverse Brockage errors (lot 91510)
  • A 1953-S Roosevelt Dime graded NGC Mint Error MS 64 FT with a Partial Collar error (lot 91701)
  • A 1944 Mercury Dime graded NGC Mint error MS 64 with a Partial Collar error (lot 91611)
  • A Kennedy Half Greenback graded NGC Mint Error MS 64 with Partial Collar, Obverse Indent and Brockage errors (lot 92189)


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