Situation Census Pitt Farthing Found in UK

Condition Census Pitt Farthing Discovered in UK

A Newman Numismatic Portal person from the United Kingdom not too long ago reported the invention of a high-grade Pitt farthing, which researcher Chris McDowell ranks because the fourth best recognized. Listed amongst colonial points within the Guide Book of United Stats Coins (the Red Book), the Pitt tokens commemorate William Pitt’s efforts to repeal the 1765 Stamp Tax. The obverse legends learn THE RESTORER OF COMMERCE 1766 / NO STAMPS and AMERICA, whereas on the reverse THANKS TO THE FRIENDS OF LIBERTY AND TRADE encircles the border.

Little is thought of their origin, which was extra possible in Europe than America.

This piece was found by a UK vendor, Martin Kent, who operates a coin retailer in Lincolnshire. Kent situated McDowell’s Pitt farthing census, revealed on Newman Portal, and in flip, was linked by Len Augsburger, Newman Portal Challenge Coordinator, to McDowell.

McDowell tells the story of the invention in his updated census:

“Mr. Kent owns a small coin store in Alford Lincolnshire, England. His retailer was closed due to COVID-19 for a lot of months, and he stories that the primary week his enterprise was again open in April 2021, a ‘younger chap’ introduced this spectacular specimen into the shop together with a grouping of contemporary British cash left to him by his grandfather. The hair element is barely matched or surpassed by the three Pitt farthings forward of it on this census. All ten portholes are seen and it’s well-struck with laborious surfaces. There’s an space above the foremast of the ship on the reverse that wants nearer examination because it may very well be post-strike harm, however it’s simply as more likely to have been current on the flan pre-strike because it has an look not in contrast to that seen on many different Pitt farthings. This specimen couldn’t be noticed in hand due to Covid-19 and different restrictions; nonetheless, based mostly on the load, diameter, and recognized particulars which have solely been noticed on genuine specimens, this Pitt farthing is genuine. It’s a gorgeous addition to this census. The truth that it was found in England like so many different Pitt farthings, might put the ultimate nail within the coffin of the assumption that they have been initially produced in America.”


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