HP – PHOMAX USB 2.0 Print Cable USB Type A to B Male to Male Printer Cable For Canon Epson HP ZJiang Label Printer DAC USB Printer for $1.64

$1.64 $3.15
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HP – PHOMAX USB 2.0 Print Cable USB Type A to B Male to Male Printer Cable For Canon Epson HP ZJiang Label Printer DAC USB Printer for $1.64
HP – PHOMAX USB 2.0 Print Cable USB Type A to B Male to Male Printer Cable For Canon Epson HP ZJiang Label Printer DAC USB Printer for $1.64
$1.64 $3.15
  1. Very good price for the specs and haven’t encountered any issues. Wish the keyboard lit up but that’s about it.

  2. The computer only worked for less than a week, then the touchpad stopped working and different windows kept randomly popping up.

  3. Very disappointed as the website says “Windows 10”. Will be returning immediately.

  4. I bought this so I could have it in my spare room I’m converting into office space for my writing. It’s sleek, setup was a breeze, and runs faster than I anticipated. Even without precharging it withstood the rigors of the various software installations I ran it through as well as organizing it the way I wanted it straight out of the box without running out of juice. Since I am only writing and connecting it to my cloud storage shared by my main PC downstairs, I am not concerned with the small HD space. I am very pleased with this laptop and highly recommend it so long as you are not looking for a gaming laptop or require a larger HD.

  5. Very nice and sleek. Arrived a day early, fast setup and the graphics for my Sims 4 game is breathtaking!!! Feels like I’m in 3D —same with the Internet browser is very clear. Extremely satisfied customer.

  6. Just as most other kids, mine are being home schooled right now. I did not want to get the limited chrome books the school provides as I believe others may have a bigger need for the.I initially tried to use all the computers, tablets, etc… that we already have, but it does not work well. As such, I purchased this laptop for my 4th grader (9 years old) because it does all that she needs, it is not too expensive and it is sturdy enough for a 9 year old to handle.I received it very well packed in foam.The packaged contained the laptop and the power supply. The laptop battery was already fully charged, which was nice…Setting it up took about 20 minutes (as expected) but it was easy. I already had MS accounts for my daughter, so that was a breeze.The version of Windows installed is not Windows 10. It is Windows in S. However, upgrading it to Windows 10 is a very simple task that takes a reboot (which is what I have done).The keyboard is big enough to ensure you do not need a secondary (external) keyboard. The mouse pad is sensitive, and has the 2 clicking pads for the left and right clicks.There are plenty of USB ports, HDMI and more. The battery lasts an easy 4 hours (37% left after 4 hours – not using maximum brightness in the screen).The camera has a good resolution for use with Zoom or MS Teams.I would not use this for me professionally, but it is a great laptop for a young kid in school (homework) or to play with Roblox…Note: if you liked my review, please click on “helpful link”. Thank you

  7. This laptop arrived on May 7/2020. It arrived a day earlier than expected in good condition and without any damage. The battery takes 100% charge in 1 hour and 55 minutes. After charging the battery lasted 5 hours between videos on YouTube and browsing the web .. The screen resolution looks very good. Image quality very good. It takes 8 seconds to turn on. The screen is not touch. The keyboard is not illuminated. The fan is silent when used with the battery When it is connected to the power the fan is heard a little but its sound is not annoying. It is very light. Its measurements are 14 1/8 inch x 9 1/2 inch. Today I have 10 days with this Laptop and so far I am very happy with it.good investment.when I have more time with this laptop I will come back and make another review.

  8. I bought this replace my laptop from 2016 which suddenly died. It was a great Dell laptop and cost half the price, but I figured it’d be worth it. I only use my laptop to watch youtube/netflix, and just browse the web. So I figured at $600 this would be more than enough, but it’s been more of a hastle.Firstly, the fan is pretty loud, and randomly revs up pretty significantly when I’m doing nothing more than watching a youtube video and scrolling thru reddit. It sounds like it’s powering a small generator, and after awhile I have to shut if off because I’m afraid it’ll over-heat.Secondly, for no reason at all, it randomly restarts itself. In the weeks I’ve had it, its done this half a dozen times. No warning, no error message before OR after. The screen just goes black, restarts itself, and you’re back at the startup screen, whatever you were doing now gone. It just did this now, which prompted me to write this review.With everything going on, it’s almost impossible to find another laptop without having to search for EXACTLY what you need, then wait for it to ship and HOPE its what you need. Too complicated to return, and not worth “repairing”, I’m stuck with this $600 placeholder. I just don’t understand how this 2020 laptop at double the price is WAY WORSE than my old 2016 Dell, which never had fan or restarting issues. Buy at your own risk.UPDATE 6-18-20, 5 days after the return windows closed, my laptop is now a $600 paperweight. Suddenly, the Wi-Fi stopped working or detecting any networks. I googled it an apparently it’s a common problem. No fix at home, I took it to a pc repair shop where the guy told me there’s nothing he can do and I should return it, which is now impossible since the return Windows closed 5 days ago. The laptop has NO Ethernet port, so it’s WI-FI only, which is now busted so no way to download or try to update or fix it online. Now I have to deal with the manufacturer and hope they can fix or replace it.DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP, just over 30 days and it’s bricked. $600 down the drain.

  9.  Ok the laptop was great, I used it for work and study, I loved the keyboard. But two weeks later start to flashing the screen. Laptop it’s always with me, not for gaming or anything. Just start flashing.The worst part is that I’m returning this and I had to pay $45 to ups for the boxing.

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