HP – PHOMAX USB 2.0 Print Cable USB Type A to B Male to Male Printer Cable For Canon Epson HP ZJiang Label Printer DAC USB Printer for $1.64

$1.64 $3.15
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HP – PHOMAX USB 2.0 Print Cable USB Type A to B Male to Male Printer Cable For Canon Epson HP ZJiang Label Printer DAC USB Printer for $1.64
HP – PHOMAX USB 2.0 Print Cable USB Type A to B Male to Male Printer Cable For Canon Epson HP ZJiang Label Printer DAC USB Printer for $1.64
$1.64 $3.15
  1. I was apprehensive about buying this computer based on some of the poor reviews. However, this computer works wonderfully. It is lightweight with fast browsing, comes loaded with office 365, packs a great picture quality, decent sound and has a long battery life. I bought a 64GB Samsung SD card to go with this product and changed the storage settings to always save to SD. I also already had a wireless mouse, so I can’t really comment on the touchpad.What I can say is that I’m very surprised at how well this little PC operates. Which is quite hard to do (surprise me) as I am a full time networking student and PT freelance programmer.

  2. To start: I paid $159.99 for this (refurbished). I purchased this so I could be a bit more flexible in my location for doing college homework, work, and freelance writing without being tied to my desktop 24/7. The white color scheme is just a visual pleasure (opinion), and it really gives a feeling of a MUCH more expensive machine. In fact, you wouldn’t look TOO out of place among the Mac users if you wanted to pack it up and head to your local coffee shop! If you’re buying this to play modern games, well obviously you’re going to be disappointed, but I’m willing to bet this can play almost anything 10 years or older. While I haven’t tried any actual PC games of that era, I’ve done a bit of emulation consisting of NES/SNES/N64/PSX and they’ve all ran flawlessly. Grab yourself a nice Bluetooth controller and you’ve got quite a bit of (retro) gaming on the go!There are those that complain about the storage, and I’ll admit, it’s a bit sparse at stock, but with the advent of tiny USB 3.0 thumb drives that nearly sit flush with the port, as well as SD cards, there should be no issues in the long run. I do recommend, however, to download Windows 10 from Microsoft and make a USB installer, wiping the contents of the drive, and then installing fresh. You’ll find some quite unnecessary bloatware when you first receive it, and when you’re working with a low powered machine like this the last thing you want is unwarranted background tasks eating your resources!Another item I wanted to touch on is the screen. At 14″, 720p is ON THE VERGE of being too low, but it serves its purpose just fine. Had the device incorporated a 1080p display, the added pixels would just bog the integrated graphics down even more along with draining extra battery. This thing is meant to be portable, and the stellar battery life is awesome, so the screen compromise is well worth it. If things are too big, you can adjust the sizes of elements within Windows 10, as well as the zoom level in most browsers.Finally, on the topic of productivity — mainly the keyboard and trackpad. I was shocked by the quality of the keys at such a low price! While I realize this computer was something like $299 new at launch, even at that price I’d consider this a very nice keyboard/trackpad. I’ve experienced no missed clicks or keystrokes, nor input delay of any kind!All in all, a super awesome buy if you want something basic and aesthetically pleasing for a GREAT price!

  3. Superb.There is a saying,”It’s always darkest before the dawn.” In this case the darkness is about to fall. Harry Potter in the last film has incurred a great triumph but at the same time a terrible loss. The wizarding world is no longer living in denial that Lord Voldemort has returned. Voldemort has been denied the knowledge of his prophesied demise and many of his loyal subjects are imprisoned. Harry however has lost family, incurred great pain and now faces the future with more uncertainty.But life goes on and Harry is reunited with friends and with his cherished life at Hogwarts as Professor Dumbledore begins to teach Harry in something far more vital that schoolwork – the demise of Voldemort. Memories into Dumbledore and Voldemort’s past are leading to a secret truth that Harry must find from a brand new professor. All the while various occurrences caused by Voldemort’s Death Eaters as well as a mysterious plot that Harry suspects from old rivalries may actually be more than he thinks.The movie ends with truths revealed as well as terrible tragedies. Still, its a great story, leading up to the final chapters in the Harry Potter saga. I also particularly enjoy stories that reveal more about the villain. I definitely enjoy the Voldemort flashbacks. Though much was missing from the books that could have made it even better.This movie was great on Blu-Ray and I’m glad I purchased it in time before Warner Bros. stopped giving away its free iTunes Digital Copy. B+

  4. We bought this computer last October to use as a light media internet computer in Argentina. Its size and weight were the principle reasons for buying it. All was well until the large new update to windows 10 from Microsoft appeared. The 32 gig hard drive is too small. After several update that preceded the very large update that came in Dec or Jan there is literally no space left. The new large update can’t install. I’ve tried to stop it from attempting to install,with help from a Microsoft tech support person, but it continues to try and fail. This computer is useless with the amount of space left even with removing almost every App possible. It should not be sold to anyone with out letting them know that this problem exists. When I bought it the problem didn’t exist, but by now everyone should be aware of it. Don’t buy this computer. There is no fix. I bought a hard drive that would take the place of the WiFi card only to find that my model had changed the connection type and I couldn’t use it. I am stuck with a computer with an operating system that can’t update and that has no space left on the hard drive.

  5. Decent movie with creating the world of Harry Potter. I would have liked it if they added an extended version, but I can understand why they didn’t. I was very amazed with how Dan, Rupert, and Emma matured through the films as actors and physically themselves, compared to some child actors, who start out adorable, but then lose that or become bad actors as they get older.

  6. Very good price for the specs and haven’t encountered any issues. Wish the keyboard lit up but that’s about it.

  7. Nothing is as good as the book, but I really like this movie. Mainly because all the characters really looked just as the author described them in the books… the casting was done excellently. (Thank God it isn’t one of those where a white person is playing an Asian like in the book/movie The Good Earth, like WTF!?!)… anyway, I prefer the book because it gives a whole lot more info about all the characters while the movie is limited in the background stories. The movies do stay very true to the novels though. This is the saddest one because it’s the one where Dumbledore dies.

  8. The computer only worked for less than a week, then the touchpad stopped working and different windows kept randomly popping up.

  9.  Ok the laptop was great, I used it for work and study, I loved the keyboard. But two weeks later start to flashing the screen. Laptop it’s always with me, not for gaming or anything. Just start flashing.The worst part is that I’m returning this and I had to pay $45 to ups for the boxing.

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