Laptops – Russian Keyboard Sticker for Black Keyboard for $1.61

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Features: Designed for the  Russian Standard language. Russian Standard Keyboard Stickers fit desktop & laptop keys. Unique coating protects from abrasion, long-term durability. Use adhesive with firmly, easy to apply and remove and no residue. Specification:...

Laptops – Russian Keyboard Sticker for Black Keyboard for $1.61
Laptops – Russian Keyboard Sticker for Black Keyboard for $1.61
  1. And it works amazingly fast and very well

  2. Looks good and Performance is also Very good for my needs. Thumbs up

  3. This laptop replaced my chrome laptop. It’s super fast and the screen is crystal clear!!

  4. It’s good if it stays plugged in.

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    David & Bonnie R.
    May 22, 2020 at 12:00 am

    Everything went very smoothly! I originally bought a Lenova from WalMart 4 months ago…lasted 3 months before the microphone blew out. Got it for Zoom meetings, was worthless after mic went. Still trying to return for some kind of refund…time will tell! HP is head & shoulders above that experience.

  6. I love that it is lightweight and smaller. It’s not tablet size, but its not bulky like other laptops. I bought it for my home based business and it works great. The down side is that when you first start it up and set it up it is set as Windows 10 S and you are unable to install apps that are not Microsoft approved like Chrome, Firefox, Facebook Messenger, and Adobe Acrobat. However, you can find similar apps on the Microsoft store. If you would rather have Win 10 then you can switch to it from either the Microsoft store or your settings. You will lose some of the Windows 10 S features like the extra security protection. Another reason I gave 4 stars on storage capacity is that there is only 5 gigs of one drive space. You can either upgrade or if you have a family or business version of Microsoft Office 365 then you’ll have the full 1TB of one drive space. I plan to upgrade the hard drive in the future to a 1TB.Overall, it is a great buy and perfect for what I need it for. I chose to keep the Win 10 S as the operating system. And I just transferred my files to my one drive account I have associated with Microsoft Family so I have all my files. I just delete what I don’t need from my main account after it has been uploaded to my secondary account. Just a word of warning you are not able to link Microsoft accounts to each other so make sure when you set up your laptop that you choose the account you want to login with because once it is set it cannot be changed.

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