Toshiba – 28mm to 32mm Vacuum Cleaner Hose Adapter Converter for $1.99

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Description: 28mm to 32mm Vacuum Cleaner Hose Adapter Converter Specification: Material ABS Color Black Max Dia. 34mm / 1.3" Outer Dia. 32mm / 1.3" Inner Dia. 28mm / 1.1" Length 95mm / 3.7" Features: Fit for: Sanyo/ for Hitachi/for Panasonic/for...

Toshiba – 28mm to 32mm Vacuum Cleaner Hose Adapter Converter for $1.99
Toshiba – 28mm to 32mm Vacuum Cleaner Hose Adapter Converter for $1.99
  1. This review is for the 1.5 microwave/convection combo. It seems average size to me, not overly large but I’m used to a built-in and this is smaller than that! I bought this as a gift for my Mom as her new house didn’t have a built in microwave and the idea of an extra oven for holidays appealed to her. It included 2 racks, turntable, turntable post/mount, and a small instruction book. We tried all settings immediately as we didn’t want a surprise later when it’s to late to send back. We removed the glass turntable and plastic post/mount before trying the convection and combo settings. The convection setting did take about the same time as my oven to preheat, I did get the plastic smell but I got that with my regular oven the first time when I bought it new and consider that normal for first time use. The outside got pretty warm but I could still put my hand on it and it was not as warm as a convection toaster oven I own. The rear by the fan also did not get as warm as the sides and top during operation. I would suggest using common sense with this device and not using metal on the microwave or combo setting and removing the turntable since it’s mount is plastic when using combo or convection. A good set of glass casserole dishes would be ideal, along with a convection oven cookbook that gives helpful conversions as well as recipes. My best advice is get to know how it cooks, I have never had two ovens, especially convection ovens cook the same. Happy cooking!

  2. It’s a microwave and as such does the job as you would expect. It is also a convection oven and does the job exquisitely. Baked potatoes ( yes an E), crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Frozen pizza, Crispy bottom. What more could you ask?

  3. This microwave is a great addition to my appliances. After my last microwave started arcing out by the lightbulb snd tried to catch fire i searched for a replacement. The convection oven combo sealed the deal and the price was great. This oven is larger than my last one which is a plus. I iUnboxed it today and so far the microwave portion works great have not used the oven portion yet but will update as I do.Update 2/4/19: this unit has ran great! The convection oven has been used many times with no issues. Love it!

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