Cell phones – KELIMA Portable Bluetooth Music Adapter For Phones Headphones Stereos for $3.99

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Cell phones – KELIMA Portable Bluetooth Music Adapter For Phones Headphones Stereos for $3.99
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  1. Some things you should know:1) You have to use the GreatCall service. You cannot choose your own carrier.2) You can port your number, but that requires waiting on the phone for 1 hour while listening to canned music to activate the phone. No, you can’t do that online or any other way. Now that I’ve waited the whole hour, I have to call them back tomorrow to have them port the number. They couldn’t do it all in one shot. I have to prepare to wait again for 1 hour. I know this because I’ve called them numerous times in the past for another device and the minimum wait time is about 30 minutes. On weekends, it’s murder.3) We all know there are fees, but there is an activation fee of $35 in addition to everything else. If you set it up online, it’s $25, so even if you have to call to port your number, get everything else filled in online (don’t press the final submit button before calling). They can see that you’ve filled out the form and will activate for $25 (which is still a crock, IMO).The phone is easy to use. The buttons are big and the sound is loud and clear. I would have bought any other dumb phone for my mom (don’t like that extra-long wait time with customer service or technical support when there are problems) except I need the GPS capability for when she gets lost or when she loses her phone. For that service, I have to pay $25/month. I had to buy 1000 minutes per month to make sure she doesn’t go over (she likes hour-long phone calls) because it’s $0.35/min if she exceeds the limit. That’s $15/month for the minutes (the minutes are cheaper because I pay for the GPS service).I haven’t tried the GreatCall emergency service with Jitterbug, but I did with another device in the recent past and they’ve always picked up promptly. If you need this service, the monthly bill is worth it. I’m not sure if my mom will even remember to push the well-placed red button in an emergency. Oh well. They do have reminder services for her medications and and check-in service to make sure things are okay. Those come with her $25/month service plan, but she won’t be using them.___________________UPDATE 1/26/18: I was mistaken. Mom finds the GreatCall button just fine — too fine. She pushes the button because she can’t remember which button to push to call (it’s supposed to be YES). Anyway, she calls and then hangs up and doesn’t pick up the call when they call back to check on her, so then they call everyone on the emergency list until they find someone who can tell them Mom’s okay. I’m thinking I need to tape that GreatCall button so she stops pushing it. She does manage to make some calls to me, so it’s still better than her iPhone.I’m not using the medication reminder and check-in services because they are automated calls. I don’t think she will understand that it’s a computer talking to her. For her to have to answer an automated voice (I think she would have to push buttons), that’s not going to work. Besides, each call eats up the minutes on her plan. Every GreatCall call eats up minutes from her plan.The only good thing about the minutes is they roll over. I happened to enroll near the date when it rolls over so right away, I got 1000 minutes rolled and the total number of minutes we started with was 2000 minutes, even though our plan is 1000 minutes per month. That’s the secret. FWIW, the invoice was billed until the 16th. I activated the phone a few days before that.

  2. Appears to be a good phone. My parent died shortly after getting the phone. I went to discontinue service, had to call. I was on hold 40 minutes first time and no one ever answered. 25 minutes second time and no answer. Will keep trying as I have time. Kinda shady if you ask me.

  3. I bought the flip phone on 12-27-17 for my elderly mom. The phone’s design is great HOWEVER, the phone would refuse to ring (audible) after a few hours. I’m very sophisticated with tech devices and I tripple checked all the settings and the phone would still refuse to ring. Did everything I could think of to get the phone to ring and nothing. Called GreatCall’s cust service, they did a software update that didn’t fix it. They sent out a refurbed phone. Same problem. They sent out a new phone in the box, same problem. It’s now 2-8-18, three phones later, my Amazon return window expired and GreatCall refuses to offer me my money back because I bought it on Amazon. The phones are now useless paperwieghts. Wasted months of me and my mom’s time and my money.

  4. I wanted something simpler but as as useful as my IPhone 7 and with good follow up when things didn’t work as advertised. None of these hopes were met. The first person I talked to signed me up for various programs but was unable to activate the phone,She passed me on to another representative who wondered why he was called and just hung up without even a hello. The next day I tried again and none of the numbers to call for help setting up the phone answered (it was midweek -no holiday.I thought Great Call prided themselves on support!

  5. This product SOUNDS great- giving older citizens piece of mind and their families a comfortable that they will be ok. WELL- that’s a total FARCE! It shows coverage all through the midwest and yet we order, wait a few days for the arrival, charge it, try to set it up and BOOM- Nope- NO coverage in your area code fo 712- ZERO, NADA, call us back in 6-8 months and try to see if we can help you then.WASTED DAYS AND FOR NOTHING BUT A HASSLE AND DISAPPOINTMENT. How are the elderly supposed to remain in contact, stay safe and NOT get ripped off??? This is a very MISLEADING product

  6. I got this phone for my 94 year-old Dad, who is extremely hard of hearing and has never used a computer or a touch screen. It replaced his old flip phone, which he was unable to hear anyone on, and which he never really learned to text on. Initially, he was afraid that he would “mess up” the new phone, and he had trouble with the touch screen, because he kept stabbing or pushing at it. Nor would he let me teach him how to use the phone, so after I set it up, I gave it to him along with the very good user guide. Within two days, he was making phone calls and sending and reading texts with relative ease. He’s still not 100% accurate with the touch screen, but he’s getting better at it.Here are the things that I think are great about this phone:1. It has REALLY excellent clarity for phone calls. My Dad can hear me better on the phone than he can when I am standing directly in front of him. This is the first time in years that we have been able to have actual, back-and-forth phone conversations. It’s practically a miracle. I read a review from PC Magazine that complained that the Smart2 was not loud enough, but with my Dad, louder just makes sounds more indistinct. What he needs is clarity, and that’s what he gets from this phone.2. It is easy to send and receive texts on. The fonts are large and clear, and the keyboard is easy to use, with practice. For someone like my Dad, who has NEVER used a smart phone or a computer, the touch keyboard was challenging at first, but he’s getting much better as he uses it.3. It has a text-based, rather than an icon-based interface. For Dad, this made a big difference. He was totally flummoxed by the icons when he looked at my IPhone, but the text-based interface makes sense to him.4. Great Call, which is the plan provider for the Smart2, piggybacks on the Verizon network, which is the only network that works reliably in the area where we live.5. You do NOT have to get the health services portion of the plan. The Smart2 has a red 5* button at the bottom of each screen. If you get the health services plan, pressing and holding the 5* button connects you to a Great Call service that listens to your problem, determines the proper response, and either resolves it or contacts the appropriate emergency responder. If you do NOT get the health plan, pressing and holding the 5* button connects the user directly with 911, which for my Dad is actually more useful than having to go through Great Call.6. The phone is cheap. You can get one from Amazon for about $75.Now, here are some things that are not so great.1. You are stuck with Great Call as the plan provider, so you cannot just add this phone to your existing Verizon plan. The Great Call plans are expensive. My Dad spends very little time making and receiving calls, and doesn’t use email, so I got him a minimal monthly plan that includes 200 minutes of voice calling, 300 texts, and 100 MB of data, for $31 including taxes and fees. There is an unlimited voice and text plan that includes some data for about $60 including taxes and fees. This would be OK for folks who already have in-home internet and can get most of their data via Wi-Fi, but for others like my Dad, he’d go through 100MB pretty quickly if he was using a few apps and email.2. Customer service is spotty. It took me four phone calls over two days to get Dad’s account set up, partly because I had to have Dad available to authorize a) his credit card information, and b) having me set up as the contact person for his account. Some Great Call representatives were good, others not so good. Most annoying of all, though, were the two times I called and tried to reach the sales department, which is who you need to talk to to activate the phone (by the way, $35 activation fee if you get the phone anywhere other than through Great Call). The recording for the sales department said that it was closed, even though I was calling within normal business hours. In order to actually reach the sales department, I pressed 1 for “yes” when the recording asked me if I wanted to respond to a survey, and I was then connected to the sales department. I can’t explain that, but it was frustrating.2. The battery capacity is not fabulous. Dad needs to charge his phone every night, and he is not using it all the time.Summary: Pros — great, inexpensive relatively easy-to-use smart phone with truly epic call clarity. Cons — expensive phone plan only available through Great Call.

  7. This phone does as well as my Pixel 2XL did, for half the price.Pros: low cost, incredible camera, Google ecosystem, battery life, headphone jack.Cons: slightly buggy phone app, cheaper materials, not quite waterproof, lack of wireless charging, no earbuds included.I was a bit hesitant to risk upgrading, but I’m so glad that I did. I bought the 3A XL in Purple-ish, and the color is gorgeous. The battery life has been great, surprisingly better than my Pixel 2XL. Please note that I did disable some digital wellbeing features within an hour of initial setup, which has increased the speed and saved some battery. The display is nice, and bringing back the headphone jack was a pleasant surprise (I don’t know about you but I was CONSTANTLY losing my ‘dongle’ when I actually needed it).However, there are a few major features lacking on this model vs the 3XL, primarily lack of wireless charging and waterproofing. Another major difference is the materials are definitely cheaper. It doesn’t look or feel as cheaply made as say, the iPhone 5C did. The back simply doesn’t have quite the same glow as the 2XL or 3XL. I would definitely recommend getting a screen protector on the device immediately before use, as the glass on the front isn’t as durable. That said, it doesn’t really look or feel cheap, just not built as premium as other Pixel devices.I could probably write an entire page about how incredible the camera is, but it’s something you really just need to experience for yourself. Night Sight blew my mind. I took pictures of my living room in nearly pitch black darkness and a) I was able to see more in the photo than I could with my naked eye in the dark and b) it honestly looked like the time of day the photo was taken was about 4pm with the amount of light in the image. Portrait mode on any Pixel is fantastic. I have been asked if many pictures that I have taken on Pixel phones are professional photographs, and I am really not the best photographer.I do feel the need to mention that the phone app still has some kinks to work out, but I’m confident from my past experience with Google that it won’t be long before its fixed. I have noticed that sometimes on calls, the phone has issues with displaying contact names on screen when I switch from one call to another. Luckily, there is an option built into the device’s settings to immediately talk with Google support live agents via chat. I did this with ZERO wait time. Super helpful!Considering upgrading from an iPhone? I would recommend ignoring other online reviews that advise you against it and just go for it. (Just remember if you have a newer iPhone, make sure to compare features on your current device such as wireless charging first). My inital experience going from Apple to Google (iPhone to the Pixel 2XL) was seamless. Everything transferred via the cord and adapter given in the box. (Minus my collection of Apple music of course, but that’s what Spotify is for!)New to Google? The Google ecosystem works incredibly well as a whole. I have Google smart home products in my home, and use Google photos and Gmail/google calendar/g suite etc. I’m amazed every day by new ways that everything works together.Lastly, THE PRICE! A new release, good quality phone at this low of a cost? It’s a GAME CHANGER. This was the deciding factor for me choosing to upgrade, and it’s absolutely worth the cost. In fact, a phone with this good of a camera at this cost is basically a steal.

  8. Want the best camera? Want a great looking screen? Want amazing battery life? Want great simple software? Yes exactly, that’s why this phone is great for 99% of people. Now if all you care about is specs, just walk away, it’s not a flagship, but you won’t notice unless you’re reading a specs sheet. If your just a regular phone user, takes some photos, watches some videos, strolls through social media pages, and does some emails and web browsing, this is the phone for you, save your money. Some more pros, Google photos back up is unlimited, 3 times the amount of cloud storage for free as apple, and they keep pictures completely separate. If you use any type of voice assistant, you’ll love having a Google phone for the best assistant experience. Lots of Pixel only features, screen calling in the US is an amazing benifit. Also, if you want to switch from Apple, this is the phone to try it with.

  9. I work in IT and know how to use phones fairly extensively. You should know one thing going into buying the Pixel 3a: it comes with Google’s Pixel launcher, meaning that the interface that you’re probably use to with other phones (Samsung, Xperia, iPhone, whatever else) is different here. It’s a lot simpler to use, and keep in mind if you don’t like it, you can download something different from the Play Store.Photos look excellent in my opinion (see my attached photo), navigating around the phone and apps works very quickly, and cell service (T-Mobile) has worked perfectly so far. The phone doesn’t have much grip to it, so I recommend buying a case for it.Overall, great phone!

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