Knuckle Duster SuperJanky by Mark Gmehling x Superplastic

With a number of 3″ Janky figures to his credit score, 3D animator Mark Gmehling goes massive together with his new Knuckle Duster SuperJanky vinyl artwork toy. With a gnarly mane, fierce fists, and a quite critical expression, this offended one means enterprise. With minimalist black line deco, Knuckle Duster brings an old-school cartoon vibe enhanced by the customized sculpt that remakes Janky in Ghmeling’s smash and bash imaginative and prescient. From the seems of it, solely the torso and legs/ft are ‘inventory’.

The Knuckle Duster SuperJanky vinyl artwork toy (8″) will likely be able to rumble on Thursday (1.13) at 11 AM PST from Superplastic for $120. The determine is in inventory and able to ship.

Pure Profitz
Pure Profitz
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